A new year is a reset. While I don't personally make New Year resolutions, it is a good opportunity to reflect on a given time period. What worked in 2013? What didn't work? Basically everything Laura from Southern Weddings has been writing this past week about making things happen in 2014 is what's going on in my head. 

This week's Friday Fete is my personal inspiration board for 2014 with a few ideas for myself and for you all. The theme? Simple, healthy, organized, clean and welcoming. 

2014 new year resolution inspirations

How to… have a Personal Healthy Reset for 2014 Party


  • Think clean, seasonal foods that let the actual flavor of the ingredients speak for themselves. These beet root quinoa patties by Dagmar's Kitchen are the perfect thing to have on hand in the freezer when you're rushed for a healthy meal. 
  • Think like a Shaker. The Shakers are very practical people. This wall hanging peg line is one of the staples within a Shaker household to keep things off the floor for a clean visual space. Pretty convenient huh? 
  • Eat more salmon. Salmon is a super beauty food that keeps you full and your skin,hair and nails very happy. In 2014 I want to eat more salmon with my favorite kind of simple picnic meals. This salmon spread shot by Melissa Wholendt needs to be my afternoon. 
  • A clean, black and white kitchen with space to cook is the ultimate 'welcoming' factor in my mind. I cannot wait to use my newly renovated kitchen in 2014. I've been dealing with pink cabinets and brown tile for long enough and it's giving me cooking brain clutter. Photo by Mitt Vita Hus. 
  • A clean and organized desktop for working is a big part of being productive. You need a space to call your own that has everything you need to work. Making things happen in 2014 means setting yourself up for success. And obviously coffee is crucial. Photo by Erika Brechtel 
  • Remember that you can make good things happen in 2014. Maybe you need this calligraphy wall hanging by Moorea Seal. 
  • Flowers inside don't just mean 'floral flowers'. I love branchy arrangements and definitely the soft grey color of pussy willows. 
  • Send more pretty snail mail. Is there someone you have been meaning to get in touch with? An email is awesome, but I love sending snail mail. I always take extra time to make the envelope pretty. Learn how to pull of those pink calligraphy ones from Erica's Sweet Tooth. 
  • Overhaul your closet one weekend in January. Seriously. Do it. And be brutally honest with yourself. This year has been my best closet year ever and it has helped me solidify my style and stress less when getting dressed. Read tips to get started on your own closet overhaul from Oprah. 
  • Prep healthy food. I know many people, maybe even you, are ready to reset your eating habits. One thing I constantly tell brides is that you need to schedule time to prepare for healthy. That means taking time on the weekend to shop for healthy food, cut it up, box it, portion it and make it so freaking easy to grab for sliced cucumber instead of chips. If you're a bad breakfaster, make a few breakfast sandwiches to go like on this site (FYI I abhor the name of this website, but this is the bottom line of a good idea). 
  • Make simple healthy swaps. White rice to brown rice or quinoa. Regular yogurt to Greek yogurt. 


What are you going to do in 2014?


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