In 2013 I made it my goal to do some styled shoots that revolved around beautiful food with a healthy recipe twist. I desperately wanted to share healthy options for readers on sites I personally read daily...and I'm so thankful I made the effort to make it happen and submit them!!! 2013 was filled with lots of great exposure for Healthfully Ever After foods and wedding wellness. But when I finally met the right person to partner with (Rebekah) and bounce ideas off of, who loves food like I do, and the right person to shoot it (Yvonne), super-duper amazing things happened. You already saw our Refinery 29 piece on the dark chocolate pomegranate bark recipe. This gorgeousness is our second collaboration and today it's being featured on Style Me Pretty Living: the lifestyle portion of the amazing website Style Me Pretty which focuses on weddings. If you don't already know about the Style Me Pretty sites, prepare to fall in love. Their high quality inspiration never lets me down.

Be sure to click over to Style Me Pretty Living to get the recipe and see more pictures of our Skinny Gingerbread Pear Thumbprint cookies that are filled with a bourbon caramel sauce!!! I know it's hard to believe, but these beauties are reduced fat thanks to the secret ingredient: pear sauce!

healthy gingerbread thumbprints with bourbon caramel sauce
Pear Sauce
healthy gingerbread thumbprints made skinny with pear sauce
healthy gingerbread thumbprint cookies
healthy gingerbread thumbprint cookies made with pear sauce, filled with bourbon caramel 
Green Hill Winery 
virginia prosecco and cookies

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