The holidays are here and that means everyone needs a go to quick and easy recipe for a party or gift. Rebekah and I thought chocolate bark is just right for that sort of thing: there's nothing meticulous about it. It can be rough, uneven and changed every time you make it so there are no 'repeat' tastes. With a healthy pistachio crunch and antioxidants from pomegranates, dark chocolate and even a little orange zest, this dessert is a luxurious healthy hostess trick. Check it out on Refinery 29!!! (Exclamation points times infinity. I'm so excited to be on there!) 

Here's a behind the scenes of more shots by my amazing friend and photographer Yvonne Rock… and a few sentences where I get real sentimental about appreciating people.


Rebekah and I met through basically a blind friend date. Which is hilarious. Rebekah was delivering a cake (um did I mention she's also a pastry chef?!….and a journalist!?) to a wedding where the lovely ladies of Events in the City were doing their thing. They told her we absolutely had to meet. So we did. And we talked for hours and have continued to do so ever since. She is totally on the same wavelength and loves food. We knew we needed to put our heads together to create something amazing. This is that first something of many.


Meanwhile, Yvonne came into my life via an email at exactly the time when I knew I wanted to start doing some styled shoots. I instantly fell in love with her photography style: bright, clean, minimal but with depth. And then I ended up meeting her face to face right after that at a Kinfolk event by chance! We clicked (as did my husband and her husband). She's absolutely wonderful: kind, honest, and incredibly talented.  Oh yeah, and she can fluently speak Japanese. I truly admire her. If you ever need photos-headshots, outfit shots, styled shoots: USE HER!


And this first collaboration of many happened all because of people. Really amazing, wonderful, creative people that I'm so thankful to know and continue to work and hang out with.  I'm thankful to have met these two women and the circle of people that we all seemed to have run in without knowing it ( where oddly everyone knows everyone through projects, other friends or collaborations and has a similar aesthetic.). 

Just goes to show you should always answer an email and connect. You never know who you'll end up meeting. 



Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.