I would not call myself a beauty junkie by any means. Sephora overwhelms me. Ninety nine percent of my beauty products come from Tarjay. So recommendations I actually do have for make up or skin products are serious. They have to prove themselves big time, and I think these really do. 


1. Sibu Sea Buckthorn Cleanser:  This is the first face wash I actually look forward to using. I met the Sibu crew at Expo East and fell in love. They are an ethical, environmentally responsible company. This face wash smells so zesty and fresh. It has small exfoliating beads which I especially need in winter with the power of sea buckthorn berries. After using this for several weeks I could actually tell my skin was glowing more. 

2. Kale: That's right. Kale. What you eat seriously helps or hurts your skin (Want to learn more or get a menu packed with beauty foods? Check out my download). I can tell a big difference when I make sure I get my greens regularly. 

3.Revlon False Eyelashes in Beyond Natural: My little sister has eyelashes like a Furby. I, on the other hand, have eyelashes that disappear in photos regardless of how much mascara I use. False eyelashes are a must (Look in these photos). I love these because they're natural looking and I am very far from hooker territory. 

4. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate:  I want to be honest. I wouldn't have bought this on my own. My friends at Tyson's Corner sent me a sample and I am religiously using  this oil to moisturize in the evenings. I know oil sounds counter intuitive to add to skin, but it's magic. 

hat are your beauty product favorite? 



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