One of the most important planning aspects of my wedding was the food. I did serious research on my caterer: who to pick, what to ask them. Sometimes it felt like I was going on a blind date with them. Then I religiously pinned party food displays and menu options like a fiend. But there's one thing I forgot and regret as a bride....I totally forgot to eat during my wedding reception. All that planning, opting for local and seasonal food, healthy party vegetarian options and I think I had a slice of cheese, a bite of one of the bay scallop shooters, and like a quarter of a fig. And the cake (best cake ever). I hear the food was great though. So you're the bride. How do you navigate the food you chose for your own wedding in a healthy, enjoyable, and 100% celebratory way?

  • Have someone (caterer, family member) pack you a snack to eat between the ceremony and the reception. Your nerves will be better by that point, you'll realize you're starved! Fuel up for the have a lot of cheeks to kiss.
  • Ask your caterer (put it in the contract) to make you a doggy bag with a few of each item. You will be able to sample one of everything you worked so hard to plan later.
  • Remember to drink water. Your body and little cells will thank you in the morning. Alcohol is a diuretic meaning your body is losing even more water during your party session than normal!
  • Balance your party plate. Grab some protein, fruit, veggies, grain...cake (of COURSE!). You can always have more servings of something later/the next day. You won't feel stuffed and you'll still be mindful!
  • Chat with your new hubby and guests but remember you don't have to mindlessly munch. Enjoy the company!
  • And last but not least...One day will not make or break healthy. Healthy is a lifestyle.

What else would you suggest to healthy brides during the ceremony? Healthfully ever after,

-Carlene RD 

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Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.