Friday Favorites: Carlene's Birthday Edition

There's a bit of spring cleaning happening on Carlene's Figments. One of the results? Friday Favorites. I love collecting the best of health news, products, and how to's and Friday Favorites is a way for you to experience them too. Except Friday Favorites for you will be organized and you don't have to do the digging! Since my 23rd birthday is this weekend, I wanted to share my absolute favorite things.

  • 1/J Crew Shorts: These shorts are a great classic cut.They come in a million colors and you'll wear them for seasons.
  • 2/Peonies: Whenever it's peony season, we're close to Birthday season! I love the delicate ruffles of the petals/
  • 3/Gastronomica Magazine: Semi-quarterly food and culture magazine filled with brilliant and well written articles.
  • 4/Leather Planner: My planner goes everywhere with me.
  • 5/ Tailored dresses: Another of my wardrobe staples. I live in monochromatic dresses like this and match it with my bright red Kate Spade bag, or leopard pumps. I've scored some great ones at J. Crew and even Target.
  • 6/Foxes:Growing up in Virginia Hunt Country it's not unusual to see one of these guys run across the yard.
  • 7/Enamel Bangles: A great way to add color to an outfit and build on it. I really missed wearing these when I worked in my hospital rotations (too noisy!).
  • 8/Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals: Best summer wardrobe investment ever.
  • 9/Silk Scarves: Colorful accessory/wrap/bag bow. I love hunting for vintage ones!
  • 10/Knit Sweaters
  • 11/Camelbak Waterbottle

  •  1/Mac 'n' Cheese: Yes, I am a Dietitian and I love mac 'n' cheese. Although I have to admit, I do try and slow myself down by tossing in lots of veggies and chickpeas.
  • 2/Figs: There is nothing like a fresh fig. Quarter them and pair with a cheese platter.
  • 3/French Macarons: I'm hooked on the crunchy outer shell and soft filling! They take a lot of work to make, but they're worth every minute of the final product.
  • 4/Goat Cheese Salad
  • 5/Snapea Crisps
  • 6/Banana Smoothies: Freeze bananas, add peanut butter and enjoy healthy ice cream.
  • 7 /DRY soda:My favorite beverage find! Great flavor selection and under 70 calories with great fizz.

What are your favorites?

-Carlene RD

Dietitian Nutritionist and cookbook author sharing flavor-forward recipes and simplified science-driven wellness.