Sometimes I think it would be amazing to have honey bees in my backyard. The garden would be beautifully pollinated with local honey at your disposal. And then I get realistic and remember I have no real desire to tangle with potentially perturbed bees. Instead, we'll enjoy honey from a distance with this week's Friday Favorites. Lavender Honey/ Honey Dispenser/ Pewter Bee Pin/ Bee House/ Wooden Honey Packaging  

As another part of this week's Friday Favorites, I'm loving this picture from a dinner I had earlier this week. This is most of the girls I did my internship with and yes, we are still obsessed with each after credentialing. I brought them fresh figs to try and they whipped out the 'Real Housewives of...' pose.  For any readers in the VA/DC area, you have to stop by Sunflower which is named one of VA's best vegetarian restaraunts. It's a little dive-y, but the food is great.


Am I the only one with hypothetical bee keeping love? Or am I the only one with friends who do the Real Housewives pose?

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