I absolutely love mason jars. According to current trends this apparently makes me both a 60-year-old woman summering in her country home, and an ironic hipster. Are you sensing the versatility of these jars based on the aforementioned description? That's exactly why they make this week's Friday Favorites:

  • Spray paint the outside gold and use it as a drink vessel. Please remember to cover the inside when you spray paint so you’re not mixing beverages and paint. If you would like a drinking lid, those can also be ordered.
  • Use neon paint and coat the inside for a pop of color.
  • Gift it! Fill it with a delicious spread or cookie mix and bring it to friends.
  • Pre mix drinks in the jars and ice them: Perfectly portioned and easy to chill.
  • Use jars instead of Tupperware. If you’re using them for salad, put the dressing in the bottom followed by something like carrots, which won’t get soggy.
  • Make cheesecake in a jar. There are many desserts that you can bake in-jar! How can you not love mini desserts?
  • Organize your craft, office supplies or nuts and bolts.

Images  from: House to Home UK, Martha Stewart, One Good Thing by Jillie, One Kings Lane, Heather Bullard, and Calder Clark, respectively. 

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