So here we are, halfway through the day and I'm just now sharing my Recipe Redux challenge for using 'jars' in cooking. I pondered this topic all month, but just never felt like what I could come up with was new or good enough or pretty for you all to see....but really, what's new about jars? Isn't that the magic of them? A simple canning jar used for decades is so tried and true, so utilitarian and perfect that there are just TOO many things I could make. 

Hence, I'm going back to basics and going with what I know. As I peered into my fridge this morning I literally have 4 mason jars filled with different things I've made including:

  1. Iced coffee: I keep a batch for quick, pre flavored and pre chilled access. Here's how I make my Starbucks hack version.
  2. Dijon vinegar salad dressing: I never buy store dressings since I can make a personalized healthier version at home. I live by this dijon version I make for beet salads. 
  3. Quick fridge pickles: When the CSA brings you cucumbers, you make lazy person pickles....or pickled asparagus. While I haven't blogged this one yet, I use the recipe from Once Upon A Chef. 
  4. Scotch bonnet pepper infused vodka: .... thank you Elizabeth for getting me hooked on flavor infusing liquor for a cleaner cocktail. You can also try my holiday cranberry vodka, fig vodka, or grapefruit rosemary gin

Jars are perfect for storage, for mixing tricky things that separate (dressing), and for long term flavor infusion. Click the links to previous posts and learn how you can use jars in the same way! 


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