Usually Mondays have a full length 'Currently...' post, but I was so excited to share this round up of food as wedding favor ideas I condensed it. I'll just share a few 'currently's before giving you 21 great ideas from infused vinegar to a s'mores kit for your next party or a wedding. Currently Featured...on Washingtonian for those delicious healthy peanut butter amaranth eggs I made. And there's a new cocktail up on Limn & Lovely: a Limoncello Prosecco and Basil one. 

Currently Sharing...information about having a private practice and consulting business in the nutrition world with others. Since January I have literally had a dozen or so students or dietitians call or email me about how I got started in this wing of the industry. And I'm an open book. I think that's why people reach out to me. The dietetics world is highly secretive for some reason, but I'm a big believer in giving back.

Currently Diagnosing...myself with Raynaud's syndrome. And was right. Raynaud's is when your extremeties get SO cold, tingly and your toes/fingers generally look blue when it's under 60 degrees. When I went to Easter brunch with the family, I told my mom my suspicions. And she told me my aunt had literally just emailed that her doctor had diagnosed her that week. You're more likely to have it if you are 1) female and 2) have a relative who has it. Basically all this means is I can never live in Maine and I need to keep warm with socks.

Currently Re-designing...the website and blog and a new URL. Again. I know. This just happened in the fall. But the upside is I had all that time to figure out what really fit my business and aesthetic needs. Later this week you can look forward to a sweet new shopping section with new products and services, a less wordy and clinical and more graphic... well, everything. I'm excited to share. Thank God I have the 'in house' graphics team. And by team I mean husband.

Food as wedding Favors
Food as wedding Favors

Weddings historically, have bad cake and favors you are going to throw away as soon as you wake up the day after. No one wants a wine glass with the bride and groom's name. So why not give guests something they can enjoy? I've rounded up 21 of my favorite foodie wedding favor ideas.

  1. Bottled drinks to go
  2. Popcorn
  3. Macarons
  4. Colorful candies
  5. Granola
  6. Tea loves
  7. Honey
  8. Hot boiled peanuts (YES!)
  9. Cocktail kits 
  10. Olives 
  11. Fruit spread/jams
  12. Scones and biscuits
  13. Rosemary infused sea salt
  14. S'mores kit
  15. Jam and bread with tea towel
  16. Flavor infused olive oil/dipping oil 
  17. Flavor infused vinegar
  18. Strawberries
  19. Cherries 
  20. Create a local farmers market
  21. Chocolate covered espresso beans 

There are hundreds of other ideas. A crab cracking kit for a Chesapeake bay wedding, or breakfast for the next day. You could do regional maple syrup, hot sauce or cheeses. Seriously. If you are in need of a foodie wedding favor, just ask.

What was the best favor you've received for a party? 

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