Friday Fête: Enjoy The Small Things

I've always been a big supporter of using 'special' things everyday. I have seen far to many people who have the 'no touch' room or who have a china pattern they love but are 'saving it' for a special occasion. Honestly, the Pope is not coming to visit you, so get over it and use what you love every day. This week's Friday Fete is all about using the small luxuries. At the bottom of the page I've also rounded up my favorite little luxuries in the gallery. Use gold flatware.  Put fancy soap in beautiful wrapping at the sink. Serve small bites of all your favorites from caviar topped pancakes to itsy bitsy cinnamon rolls.  Make your favorite rings stackable and actually wear them. Take the hound and walk to your favorite bakery. Simply put...make every day Saturday. 

Here are my favorite little luxuries and some of the fête inspired ones:

Let me specifically point out these Target version tortoiseshell sunglasses. WHAT!