There's something so whimsical, so enjoyable and so crave-able about ice cream. We never bring it home and the husband will be the first to tell you it's because he loves ice cream. It's too tempting. Like once there's ice cream, there is only ice cream. Since I come from a family (Wisconsinites) who build road trips around ice cream stops. It's safe to say I've had my fill of ice cream. Except when there's cookies and cream with extra cookies. I honestly will go for Chobani flips or frozen Yasso for a way healthier dessert. That being said, Friday feels like the right time for an ice cream party.

Wear spring pastels from pink pants to a pink bib necklace.  Serve perfect single serving strawberry scoops and berry charlottes  with candy colored spoons. If you can find the first of them, snag some spring blooms. Peonies preferred with a side of optimism. 

 What's your favorite flavor?