After a white Christmas in Virginia, I'll be up front in saying I haven't walked the poor dog as often as I should. Virginians don't know what to do with snow and so our sidewalks are a bit yucky. As someone who simply has to go to outside to 'photosynthesize' spring through fall, the cold and wet, short days are getting a bit old. This week's Friday Fête idea is for a summer in winter party. Ways that you can enjoy the feel of summer...while still dealing with winter accents. Play indoor mini bocce while munching on green bean fries in a paper cone. Cozy up in a playful sweater with glitter flats and emerald nails. Bring the outdoors in with herbal topiaries for a reminder of the greenery that spring brings. And of course, don't forget the mini tequilas.

 Sweater/Tequila/Topiary/Glitter loafers/Emerald Nail-polish/Green Bean Fries/ Bocce (no longer available)