Valentines day. The day that strikes fear into the hearts of men everywhere while simultaneously causing despise/love/high expectations for women year after year. As someone involved in the wedding industry, I personally rather like Valentines day. I love hearts, pink, red and glitter. If I can find an excuse to go buy macarons I will. But Valentines day is really no different than any other day for me. We skip marked up floral arrangements and duck out of making arrangements for over priced and typical menus at restaurants. In fact, we kind of have arbitrary V-day around here several times a year. And that's cool with us.
What I do love to celebrate in February is Valentines day crafts. Did you know the crew at Martha Stewart does the same? Set up a huge table full of craft supplies and tally ho! Serve everything heart shaped like these cherry tomatoes and sip pink grapefruit cocktails.  Put edible glitter stars on cookies, cocktails or cards and seal it with gold dotted washi tape.  Enjoy Valentines day for what it's about (chocolate love) with this Tiffany and Co ring  and paint the town red in Kate Spade bow heels.  
 Valentines day- love or hate?