I cannot begin to tell you the excitement I have over the beginning of Spring. Living in a historic downtown location means walkability and checking out some gorgeous plantings. St. Patrick's day, to me, is the beginning of spring (hello greenery!). For this week's Friday Fete, I've pulled something together that can go two ways.

  • The Wizard of Oz prequel with James Franco recently came out in theaters. Growing up, I read all of the Wizard of Oz books. Most people have no idea it was a massive series about the inhabitants of Oz. Regardless of if you prefer the Judy Garland version, the Franco version or the books, there is no doubt the Emerald City is fantastic. The set design is perfection: whimsical, lush, a little dark...and sparkly.  Have you seen it? Thoughts?
  • Yes, like you saw yesterday from my Lovely Links round up, St Patricks day is this weekend. I'm not  fan of the Party City version of holidays, and St Patricks day can go especially awry in terms of parties. Skip the cheesy and garish decorations and host a luxe St Patricks day.

Send invites on

black paper with white ink calligraphy

. Host the party surrounded by

structured boxwood hedges

and styled with small vases of delicate

red poppies

. Deck yourself out in

art deco emerald cuffs


Essie's Ruby Slippers nail polish. 

 Serve cocktails in these

sexy black and gold tumblers

and offer a hint of spring with

basil and strawberry pavlovas

(Surprisingly easy to make, fat free and delicious. 

Here's the recipe I posted


Friday Fete: Emerald City, wizard of oz
Friday Fete: Emerald City, wizard of oz