I have spring fever. As in, I feel compelled to stop and buy plants. Never mind the fact that our yard is totally destroyed due to current renovations. I feel that I must plant flowers, vegetables, ectera ecetera ecetera. But right now I'm trying to be a good girl and keep the garden in pots, which lucky for you, means it would be quite easy to turn this into a party. A planting party with not too much dirt. Find antique educational charts of plants to use as a background (almost bought some for my office!). Litter the coffee table with gardening books like this luxurious one.  Offer a variety of crositinis with a big carafe of flavored water. Mix berries with spring flowers to decorate the room while you decorate yourself in bright pants and a chambray popover. And of course, don't forget the favors like this bag of berries to go after you plant seeds in terra-cotta pots!

Oh...and let me mention that yesterday I went to go run buy dog food...and ended up bringing home two pencil boxwoods for my porch. So there you go. 


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