With temperatures dipping well into the teens in NoVA the past two nights, Design Husband and I have waited with bated breath to see how the Victorian house handles our first winter here. Needless to say there were frozen pipes, followed by a hair dryer thawing session...followed by a gushing burst pipe. On the upside, Design Husband was examining the pipe under the house when it burst (and was lovingly showered with freezing water) so we were able to call someone ASAP. Not only that, but while the life aquatic was going on, our house was fitted with historically accurate gutters. The glass of icy water is half full my loves.  

  1. Design Sponge modern etiquette: how to be a great hostess to an overnight guest.
  2. Happy nearly Valentines Day! Make carrot shaped heart slices. Aw.
  3. Odd food product alert. Forget sauces...there's burger spray. 
  4. Two people from DC got together to make a beautiful thing. A homemade gin kit.