2013 has certainly started with a bang and it's only 8 days into January! Here's what's going on...with a big, big announcement. First, the appetizer news:

  • Produce Praise: Washingonian Magazine's Well Being blog interviewed me on my favorite winter produce. My vote? Persimmons! They're great for your skin and full of fiber to keep you full. They taste like cinnamon, so they fit into a perfect wintery flavor profile. That and they are awesome in a cocktail.

  • Cocktails: I stopped by Limn & Lovely to share my bi-monthly signature clean party cocktail. This one is a play on a hot toddy: bourbon filled tea with bright lemon and an herbal thyme bite.  Be sure to check back soon. The next one I created is amazing. Like so amazing, it's what I've been drinking when partaking in a cocktail moment.

  • The New/Historic House: The victorian house renovations are coming along. All of the walls are demolished to create one large room on the first floor while we live upstairs... which luckily also has a kitchen. It will be perfect for entertaining eventually! The original hard wood is revealed under layers of carpet and uck. The gutters are being completely redone (within board of architectural review historic standards mind you). Oh, and we found crack cocaine in our attic insulation. We called the police and some very nice officers came to remove the find. But we also found these original stair case pieces.

 But now the big news. Meet Healthfully Ever After! The blog and business now have the identity they should have long ago. Heck, I was even using this phrase in describing what I do before I made the connection!

Healthfully Ever After is the total essence of what I love, believe and do. The blog will be the mix of celebration and health that I strive for. It's ways you can be the healthy hostess and survive the parties where they only serve buffalo wings (lookin at you Super Bowl parties). It's about the little celebrations every day: the awesome shoes, the wicked nail polish, the Kate Spade bag or my favorite reads.
Healthfully Ever After is my wedding wellness phiolosophy. Because that's the goal! To use the motivation to get healthier skin, hair and a  better waistline for the big day, but use what you've learned from me beyond the "I do's" so you can live healthfully ever after with the people you love.
 From the colors and the combination of classic text and images with a twist to the new logo combining a gem and a berry top, it's my love right now. Many thanks to the graphic design husband for making this happen. And thank you to all of you who have sent me some amazing comments about the new look!
Here's to an exciting 2013!