HUGE happy news! Today my husband, Chris and I are featured on Southern Weddings Magazine's Southern Newlywed column on the blog! 

Southern Weddings Magazine has been a love of mine for a long time. In a world of sometimes 'fluffy' wedding publications, they show what's true and heartfelt and beautiful with what I love about being (both of us actually!) born and raised Virginians. They understand that marriage is friendship. That food is love. That tradition and lost arts like preserving and baking are important. So when they asked if I would be up for a feature 'in the kitchen' I JUMPED (literally up and down after that email) at the chance!

Because you know we are renovating our victorian house, we thought about the next best thing: entertaining outside. Every night possible during spring, summer and fall in Virginia, we cook and eat outside. So we put together (and photographed ourselves using a tripod and Grandma to click the button HA!) a traditional local, seasonal foods dinner that's easy for anyone to whip up. I also have to mention everything you see on the table, minus they grey plates and napkins, are family pieces from my Grandparents or borrowed from my parents. And that makes it even better. 

Here are some of my favorite shots! Go see the full spread and learn more about us on the Southern Newlywed column! We've also listed our 10 favorite recipes so you can get cooking too. 

Healthfully Ever After on Southern Weddings Magazine
Healthfully Ever After on Southern Weddings Magazine
Healthfully Ever After on Southern Weddings Magazine
healthfully ever after
healthfully ever after, southern weddings 

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