Fun news! You can see my latest quotes on juice detoxes for wedding diets in each regional The Knot magazine fall/winter 2014 edition! 
Carlene Thomas, healthfully ever after, wedding wellness nutrition 

I was really excited when fellow dietitian Rachel asked me for some thoughts for this article she put together. After I wrote a big-ol piece for Huffington Post Weddings last year on the same topic, I had LOTS to say. My clients tell me it's clear I'm passionate about nutrition and living a balanced, realistic life (by passionate they mean obsessed- just kidding...but really that's my baseline).

I know many brides and women are tempted by juice cleanses as the 'solution' to wanting to look 'skinny' for the wedding. But seriously, both looking good is more than 'skinny' and weight loss is more, so, so much more, than juice detoxes. There are better, longer lasting solutions for wedding wellness and weight loss. I pride myself in being very transparent and realistic and I hope that came across in my comments in this piece. I know people want to do a juice cleanse and that being said I think it can be a valuable tool for a VERY SHORT TIME to jumpstart healthy habits. Some people feel they need a very definitive, black and white set of rules to flip the switch. And for some people that means a few days of juicing.

Personally, I love juice as part of what I do every day and week. In my fridge right now I have freshly pressed cantaloupe, cucumber and carrot juice. I find it stops me from snacking as much and convinces me to drink more fluids. Both a big win. But count me out for several days of only juice. I'm a food lover. 

In the mean time, pick up your regional The Knot magazine, fall/winter 2014 edition and get the full story (or I mean, at least page through at Barnes and Noble).  

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