Raise your hand if you know someone who has done a juice cleanse. If you could see me, you would know I have both my arms raised. At least once a week I see someone in my social media feeds on a juice cleanse. In fact, I think one of the questions I get most often, especially from inquiring brides is "Should I do a juice cleanse for my wedding?". 

Juice cleanses can bring up very passionate discussions. I don't mean people who drink juiced produce (Um, I do. I love beet/carrot/apple/ginger). We're talking a week of only consuming a series of juices. Seriously, go google juice cleanse, scroll to the comments section and watch people slap each other silly. The problem is, with people so firmly cemented in their opinions, they forget to look at the facts, science and studies. 

On my latest Huffington Post Weddings Blog, I dug through claims, costs, benefits, and every angle I could think of to give you the answers. Please stop over and share the article and your thoughts!

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