Tiffin: Your Sexy New Lunch Bag

I have ridiculously high expectations of packed meals. Growing up, I never bought school lunches. Instead, my Dad packed intricate, anti-uncrustable lunches. We're talking Asian noodle stir fries or marinated kebabs in the 90's people! The age of the potato roll with bologna. But when it comes down to it, I think one of the best lunch introductions he made to my lunch life was the tiffin, which I frequently used throughout my dietetic hospital hours.


A tiffin is an Indian stacking lunch container with compartments that allow for separation.  It's a sleek, usually metal container, that kicks a paper bag's ass. The reason I'm sharing is because of this Martha Stewart July/August article on the tiffin (image above). Martha's minions wrote about using the tiffin for picnics, which is brilliant. They recommend filling segments with ice to keep things like shrimp food safe. Un-stack the tiffin layers for ready to go serving containers! 

Just another reason to stop using wasteful paper bags and make healthier, home made lunches. Want your own tiffin? Wish granted:

 Image via Martha Stewart Living  

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