Everyone likes to receive flowers. I'm personally on the same level of flower-receiving-happiness if someone brings me a basket of peaches or a bit of lox. If you bring me cheese we can be BFFs. But combine fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers together in an arrangement? Twice as nice. My love of produce in wedding flowers started back in October but while reading the most recent Martha Stewart Weddings, a featured designer brought it all back. "If you can eat it, you can use it in a display".  Consider food as design inspiration for your next get together or your next coffee table display. I'm no floral designer (I do know an excellent one who did my produce wedding bouquet!) but here's what i've learned when I make small arrangements at home:

  • Kumquats, asparagus, leafy greens and herbs are some of the easier pieces to work with.
  • Utilize skewers for stability.
  • Keep the arrangement hydrated. You may need to mist the top to keep produce looking lively.

Here's a round up of food in flowers:

Photo Credits: Kumquats, Tangerines and PeppersOlives and Artichokes, Rosemary Kumquats and Berries, Berries , Apples, Mint Boutonniere 

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