The latest Chris and Carlene adventure took us north to Baltimore, Maryland. Our main goal? Go see the fishies at the Baltimore Aquarium. Then go eat fishies at a well recommended restaraunt from some Twitter followers. Here are some of our favorite shots from the day:       Although the aquarium has a steep thirty dollar per person entrance fee, the exhibits are beautiful and awe inspiring. With multi story shark tanks and a bridge over a ray tank, you'll definitely feel immersed. Just don't lean over too far. Our favorite exhibit was the puffin tank. This guy in the shot above was a show-off and followed the camera under water, jumping above water, side to side...very cute for something that looks like a bat underwater.

Headed to Charm City? Here are my suggestions for making your Baltimore experience great:

The aquarium

  • Go immediately when the aquarium opens or after 1 pm. Why? You will be trampled by entire schools on field trips if you fall between these times. You will not be able to see anything. You will be smacked in the head with fanny packs. It's worth it to get there early!
  • Bring snacks. After we finished seeing the first building, we were ready for some munchies. Both of us get cranky if we don't snack. We always have travel 'nanners on hand.
  • Taking pictures? Spend a few minutes at the start adjusting your camera for the darkness. And after a while, just stop taking pictures. Experience it.
The restaurants
  • This is why the post is titled 'adventure'. Double check the restaurant. I asked my Twitter followers where we had to eat. My only parameter was that it could not be a chain restaurant (basically knocking everything at inner harbor out of the picture). But, for some reason, nearly every restaraunt outside of the harbor is closed for lunch. If you're looking for someplace to have dinner, Woodberry Kitchen and 1542 Gastropub came well recommended. Side note: We ended up walking two miles to find the restaurant closed for lunch (Sorry honey!) And then ate at Quiznos in a hypoglycemic state. 
  • Eat somewhere in the inner harbor for lunch. Most everything is a chain restaurant, but you'll want to grab some food before driving home. Embrace it and enjoy the harbor!
Have you 'done' Baltimore? Where are your favorite stops?
Until the next Chris and Carlene adventure,

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