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It's been a while since I've shared some updates, so here's what's been going on via Instagram. Lazy snuggling with the felines./// Enjoying our huge limelight hydrangeas and this amazing vintage Swiss embroidered shirt from my Mom./// Obsessing summer peaches.

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The little brother is leaving for grad-school in Arizona for engineering. We caught up over lunch with shrimp and grits./// Lots of pickling with our CSA basket including asparagus and cucumbers./// A little Sunday snack (Yeah that's right. I like doughnuts too.)

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Visited a lemoncello moonshine distillery. Their directions specifically say "follow your GPS and you'll get lost just like in Deliverance". And it's true. /// Played with this amazing new camera app called Landcam. /// Met up with VA is for Bloggers group at Sunflower including I Heart Vegetables and Coffee Cake and Cardio. The funny thing is with these two girls, we had mutual random acquaintances. It's a small world. Also, Sunflower is constantly voted the best vegetarian stop in NoVA. 

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