Yesterday I went to go visit a client at her home for a meeting that lasted into the lunch hour. This required a meal break. For sustenance we made hodgepodge salads: everything in her fridge over a bed of greens.. from edamame to beets and it was fabulous. An easy totally veg-centric, healthy meal from leftovers. That's a reason to celebrate.

There are many celebrations that involve the basic array of plain beige appetizers. Chips. Bread. Nuts. Maybe if the person is feeling festive, they man even pour the chips out of the bag into a serving dish. But there's also usually a crudite tray hidden on a side table somewhere. You know, just so no one thinks you're encouraging unhealthy eating habits. And so the ritual of picking up the veggie tray continues in American party culture. It breaks my mostly vegetarian heart.

So let's back up. Why are we not making veggie centered appetizers that people may actually like. I know. Did I blow your mind? Making a veggie app work is all about the presentation and pairing. A healthy cucumber roll up filled with neufchatel cheese and salty olives is something you can get guests behind. So let's make that, shall we?

 Cucumber Cream Cheese Roll Up Appetizers


  • 1 large English cucumber
  • 1, 8 ounce packet of Neufchatel cheese
  • 1/8 C chopped olives of your choice (from an olive bar: Kalamatas, greek, pepper olives...)
  • Fresh parsley

Directions: Using a mandolin, slice cucumber lengthwise into thin strips. Set aside. Mix neufchâtel, chopped olives and parsley. If a lighter consistency is desired, add Greek yogurt and use a Cuisinart. Spread the neufchâtel mix onto the cucumber and begin to roll from end to end.

The cucumber is refreshing and crisp, while the filling is just the right amount of salty for a snack.

What's your favorite appetizer? Post your links below!