Don't be delusional when it comes to appetizers. You do not need a million preparation intense dishes before a dinner. In fact, there's nothing better than a simple appetizer to save you from losing your mind as a hostess. And as a guest, there's nothing like simple and pure done right.

More than anyone my Grandma was the one to make that click for me. Regardless of the number of people coming over or the size of the event, she always had appetizers ready to go. They were always simple but perfect with cocktails and wine. If you ask her she'll respond by saying she misses having a staff to cook and run parties for her. (No she doesn't. And when she did she was cooking and shopping right next to them.). My Dad on the other hand will make roughly 45 appetizers from 30 different countries 5 minutes before people arrive. And that stresses me out with over the topness (and cleaning). But from the cheese, to shrimp, olives and sliced Asian Pears at Grandma's it totally solidified simplicity is best for some entertaining.

So what to make? Answer: Fruit. If you've been reading the blog for a while, mini fruit is like the pinnacle of perfection for me. So when I saw these mini Forelle pears I knew exactly where I wanted to go with these appetizers.

Forelle pears are one of the smallest varieties of pears and are known for their beautiful shape and sweetness. When used as a platter for a creamy cheese, they really could double as a dessert. With a dusting of fresh nutmeg and a drizzle of honey, it's like spring came early. Or so we hope.

It's also a great healthy appetizer. It's balanced with fruit and low fat dairy from the cheese and miles ahead from a nutrition point of view (and awesome hostess POV) compared to chips and dip.

Mini Pear, Honey and Cheese Appetizers


  • Forelle pears
  • fresh nutmeg
  • Monterey Jack cheese (1 month aged)
  • honey
Directions: Slice the end rounds from the pear, leaving the flat middle section. You can eat these later, but for the appetizers we want to see the pretty blush skin. Slice the cheese and place on the pears. I used a Monterey Jack cheese I made myself (I know that sounds so ridiculous, but it was awesome and from a kit). Aged only 1 month, it's relatively mild and creamy. Drizzle honey and grate nutmeg over the pears and serve at room temperature.

There's the wheel of cheese I made! I really think you could also pull this appetizer off with a sweet apple like a honey crisp in fall. But that's the beauty of simple! One change and it's a totally new dish.

Have you tried forelle pears? Would you go for making your own cheese (milking excluded)?