Hands down the best coffee in Northern Virginia: Sometimes the best way we relax at home is by going out. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but sometimes it's nice to have someone else make you really, really good coffee. Both the husband and I agree that King Street Coffee is hands down the best coffee in Northern Virginia. The coffee and latte art is outstanding every time.


Prabal Garung for Target: I despise shopping in crowds. I don't get hyped up over a new designer. In fact, I'm a consistent walking J Crew advertisement with roughly 2-3 bright pops of color and or glitter. But the Target designer collection has intrigued me. So thirty minutes after our local Tar-jay opened the husband and I went to see the Prabal Garung collection. Well, what was left of it. Target was empty and there were maybe three big sizes of each style remaining. Wiped. Out. I did manage to find a few styles in my size to try on. This black and white floral number came home with me and like the tag says, it's perfect for engagement parties, lunch, meet the parents (but not breaking kitchen tiles up).  And apparently it's sold out and selling for $90 on eBay. If you're interested in the Prabal Garung details, I wear a XS and they're true to size.


House demo: I haven't shared too much about the new/old house. Basically the historic home we bought came with a kitchen downstairs AND upstairs. Lucky for us, because this means we can completely gut the first floor and re-do it all at once without being kitchen-less. We've done so much demo on the first floor of the house it's time for a dumpster. With at least three plaster walls knocked down and a bathroom removed, there's some heavy hauling going on. There's always some WTF moments with an old home (like seriously, this supporting wall is completely rotted? Awesome), but there's always something worth while. When ripping down an interior wall we found floor to ceiling beadboard,  EVERY floor has the original hard wood hidden underneath and there's even some exposed brick.

Kitchen Appliance Shopping: We are now in the stage of house renovations where the kitchen must be planned and exact measurements are needed for every cabinet. I personally find this very overwhelming. The husband however knows the exact specs, reviews, energy star ratings and where it will go for every kitchen appliance. I'm still surprised how many kinds of dishwashers there are. And also excited because during this renovation, I am currently hand washing everything sans dishwasher.

Make your own almond milk: Officially making my own vanilla almond milk from now on. It is so easy to do. Soak the almonds, blend them with water and strain them. You can add anything from vanilla to cinnamon! Many thanks to Oh She Glows for making this so easy.

What did you do this weekend?