Well February, right after Punxsutawney Phil says it will be an early spring, the North East gets Nemo.  So for those of you in need of some major tropical time (but not in the ironic way that Nemo is a character from a tropical movie), check out my latest signature cocktail on Limn and Lovely for a Guava Rum Punch with lime. 

After working on house renovations much of Friday my body is so sore and my palms are bruised from smashing tile with a big hammer and pulling out minuscule staples from the floor. But again, the house has proven to me a gem (well at this part at least) and pulling back dry wall revealed floor to ceiling original beadboard in the downstairs kitchen. So for the morning at least, my body needs a masseuse break and the husband, hound dog and  my soreness will walk down the street for coffee.

Thanks so much to all of you who entered the MASSIVE Almond giveaway to celebrate snacking month and almond day later next week. By random selection, the winner is: Stephanie from Graduated Learning!

Have a relaxing weekend,