I love a good cocktail, but not the usual bar creations filled with sticky sweet mixers. I like cocktails with seltzer, fresh fruit, infused vodka and herbs. When I celebrate, I want bright, clean flavors that end up being lower in calories. Wouldn't you want to offer your guests the same? I know you do, you healthy hostess you.

I'm so excited to announce my new partnership with Limn and Lovely, a fabulous wedding inspiration website. Twice a month, I'll be sharing original signature cocktails that you can serve at any party and feel good about what your bar offers. First up, a Fennel Orange Sparkler that uses the winter licorice flavor of fennel and bright citrus. Top it off with zero calorie seltzer for bubbles, and say cheers!

Read the recipe on Limn and Lovely!


Photos and recipe by Carlene RD: Photo rights owned by Limn and Lovely