What I'm Thankful For

On this Thanksgiving, and every day because who cares if it's a holiday or not, I am thankful for:

  • The husband: for brainstorming with me about this blog and my business, recipe tasting, artistic direction, house renovations and letting me eat the last bit of Chobani.
  • Our new house: a home grow in with beautiful surroundings and walkability. A home with character history and potential. For being fortunate enough to be a homeowner this early in life.
  • Our fur children: we're moved in and settled down and it is bliss to have the whole furry family together. See below for Instagram proof.

The fur children love to watch the wildlife outside from their stool.

  • Heat: oh historic home.... Now that it's newly installed with heat, it is fabulous and I appreciate every second I don't have to wear mittens inside.
  • Lovely neighbors: our neighbors are so sweet and have welcomed us to the street, filling us in on the previous owners and telling us about the time there was an entire biker gang who lived in the house next door.
  • The dyson: fur family requires fur removal. This vacuum is by far the best and makes my life easy.
  • The ability to control what I eat: I appreciate being able to menu plan, cook on a whim and make things that are delicious and healthy.
  • Mentors: for sending me amazing opportunities, encouraging me in my career path and being excellent life coaches.
  • and many more things...
What and who are you thankful for?