Life Update and Clean Cocktails: Summer Dark Fruit Basil Smash

Hope your week is going wonderfully! It's hard to believe we are wrapping up August. At the start of summer I talked about how it's usually hard for me to adjust to the slow and relaxing pace of June through August. Well let's just say that didn't last very long...this was my busiest summer to-date! As I start to get requests for projects or appointments in fall, I'm realizing pretty quickly how insane this year will be. Earlier this week I had someone email me for three event partnerships/projects in September and October...and I could only make ONE out of three because I was already booked! ONE.

And even before that I had some amazing invites to go to Washington state and California for food tours with the Almond Board and Welch's, but couldn't make those either!!! It makes me excited and anxious to see what my favorite season will bring. That being said, I can't wait for my pre-ordered Day Designer planner to come in the mail!!! I need that hyper-organization more than ever on an hour by hour basis. 

Whew. On to the recipe! To celebrate the end of August, jump over to Swooned to see how to mix up my latest clean cocktail. This one focuses on the gorgeous dark fruits of summer: plums and blackberries paired with peppery basil. 


Clean Cocktails: Summer Dark Fruit Basil Smash

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