Happy Friday! Yesterday I headed to Baltimore, Maryland for Natural Products Expo East for their 2014 show (read my 2013 recap). This massive expo is where I go to spend several hours and see the latest 'healthy' products. The reality is many of the products are health halo junk foods and copy cats of each other. Unfortunately, that really came out this year at Expo East. I did find a few favorites that I'll share next week, but man oh man...all I wanted was some real food for dinner tonight and not packaged health junk food. Meanwhile, today I'm spending a lot of time creating my presentation slides for FNCE in Atlanta for October! It's coming up so fast. 

To celebrate your Friday and the cool things you get to do this weekend, checkout this Red Pepper Limeade  I did for Swooned. Spicy, tart but full of icy, slushie goodness. 

red pepper limeade cocktail 

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