If I had to sumarize this particular post in a sentence, its 'Hire me to live with you and unintentionally lose weight while still drinking cocktails'. During this past summer my wonderful grandparents were the perfect host and hostess to us as we transitioned to finalizing the purchase of our new historic house. It kind of goes without saying, but we ate a lot of meals together. I'm pescatarian which also means Grandma and Grandpa have been eating more kale and veggies, fish and unusual whole grains. I'm looking at you Kamut.  They were extremely healthy before (80 years old, gGandma works out three days a week and sees personal training clients.), but I never expected these two things to happen :

One: Right before we moved into our new house, I helped my Grandma pack for a southern wedding. Going through her amazing foreign jewelry collection, I pulled several rings for outfits. She immediately said skip the rings,  because her fingers were 'too fat now' and she hasn't been able to fit them on in years, and she had tried early this year.... And then she fit them all on.  At this point she also release information like 'I've lost four pounds since you've been here". She's adamant it's the kale. Let's start spreading kale as the new miracle drug.

Two: Grandpa on the other hand, has been experiencing low blood sugar for those past few days. He has had diabetes for years, controlled by one daily pill. So obviously, frequent unexplained low blood sugar made us worried. He scheduled an appointment with his doctor...and he found out all the diet changes we had unintentionally made had improved his condition so much that he needed to REDUCE his diabetes medication by half. Guys, he's 80. Diet changes everything.

Remember the title of this post? I joke about this being a testimonial but I love how this unintentional situation and experiment showed how amazing small changes in diet can be. Also, that when I come live with you I can help you lose a few pounds without you even realizing it. And make you some kick ass cocktails.

Have you had unintentional health happen?