If I had to pick a word for this year it would be discovery. I mean, so far. It's only March. I'm not psychic people. In December Healthfully Ever After finally came into being. I discovered a name for what I had been doing for two years and that's a pretty big deal. Besides being a dietitian who works in private practice/consulting, I'm also addicted to brand building seminars, books and this 'GSD' series. So what this all boils down to is list making. Dietitians love lists and office supplies. Especially if we can make lists on special paper with colored markers.

Lists help me stay organized day to day, with clients,with the grocery...but I finally made a list for Healthfully Ever After as a brand. And because I feel pretty strongly about sharing knowledge and giving  back, I'm sharing mine with you. Maybe you'll discover your own for whatever it is you want to do. You don't need 10 rules. Just like this card says ( and I love this- you can buy it from the Southern Weddings founder here): Make it Happen. 

The Healthfully Ever After Brand Rules

The Golden Rule: Elevate healthy habits before and beyond 'I Do'.

  1. Ignore shoulds and comparitis.
  2. Be honest in what you promote and write. Share information.
  3. Be Carlene. Embrace being young with an old soul and a classic 'look' with a love of major color and sparkle.
  4. Attract what you want.
  5. Show gratitude and appreciation.
  6. Connect in person.
  7. Reach out for 'unlisted' opportunities and requests.
  8. Clear the clutter.
  9. Embrace excelling with social media and technology.
  10. Say NO to what doesn't fit or improve Healthfully Ever After.

I think the list speaks for itself but I'll just touch on a few of these. Number one, ignore shoulds and comparitis, I struggled with. It is super hard for me to remember bloggers or business people who are getting book deals or who have a zillion clients are, oh I don't know...40. I saw a quote "never compare your beginning to someone else's middle" and that's what I'm remembering. Number five is something I'm known for. I am literally the girl who still sends thank you notes to everyone. Do it. People remember. Number seven is something I started doing years ago and it is why I'm doing what I do. I cold called for experiences from random people. I meet fellow bloggers or business people because I straight up just email them if I admire them.

Do you have brand rules? What are your's?