The blog is two years old and that's enough reason for celebration. Two years ago I was finishing my undergraduate degree in dietetics, wallowing in chemistry labs, dissecting a cadaver and living in central Virginia. I had no idea if I would be matched to a dietetic internship program. I was dating my now husband and had only two fur children (HA!). I was taking food photos on a point and shoot camera, if at all (double HA). So much has changed.

outfit- J.Crew: gingham shirt/v neck sweater /similar necklace style 

In order to bring the 2 year celebration to you, because everyone needs an excuse to drink bubbly, I wanted to share my new favorite find. Zonin prosecco was so sweet to send me a ton of Italian prosecco. It is now my go to product for basic bubble needs. Honestly, go out of your way to find it (Trader Joe's).Crisp with an apple flavor and aroma of wisteria flowers, Zonin pairs well with a variety of healthy hostess approved appetizers:

  • seafood
  • fruit
  • bruschetta (heavy on the tomato and basil, light on the bread)
  • cheese

In addition to great taste, I love that Zonin Prosecco has a variety of bottle sizes. Of course, my favorite are the minis (above) which are perfect for parties, picnics, and welcome packages for wedding guests. There's also a two person size, a regular and the massive bottle.

Have you tried Zonin? Where where you two years ago?