It's finally spring in Virginia, but not without the threat of one last big snow for the season. 'Snowquester' had an estimated foot of snow headed our way but only flitted 4 inches to the ground. The next day, all the snow was gone. Not complaining. This weekend boasted temperatures in the high 50's with spring flowers galore.

And only days before...

The snow hardly touched Baltimore where I spent two days celebrating National Nutrition Month with the students as UMBC's campus dietitian. They keep me on my toes. As a science magnet college, it's not unusual for an engineering major to come up and have a discussion with me about ATP production, basal metabolic rates, or the actual pathophysiology of diabetes. And by that I mean that happened last week.  More than once. This sugar demo definitely had some students admitting their latest snacks were less than idea.

I also received the best box in the mail from the crew at Zonin Prosecco- the best way to end the week. I am so in love with this brand! It has amazing crisp apple notes and comes in adorable mini-single serving bottles that are perfect for a party. More on Zonin Prosecco in a later post. But until then, if you find it, buy it! They are in no way compensating me for saying this. I'm just being straight up serious.


I definitely made my way around the web this week. Here's where I've been guest blogging:

Has spring reached your house yet? Or are you denying the snow outside and buying daffodils?