Currently Growing: Micro-greens! I love micro greens for tiny chic bites. They also have big nutrition benefits. But screw buying them. I'm growing micro radish greens and you can too. Recycled container+seeds+ 1 week=these sprouts.

Currently Reading: I've done some major reading this week. If you haven't realized by this point, I can speed read.

  • By Invitation Only: How We Built GILT And Changed The Way Millions Shop by Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson was my business book du jour. It's the story of GILT the online sample sales website and how they took an idea no one believed in, built a system and expanded.
  • The New Fashioned Wedding by Page Appel and Kelly Harris of Bash, Please. If you love seeing how parties come together from just a few words and color swatches, this is the book for you. Page and Kelly are witty and their writing style is just fun to read. You even know when to insert the dry sarcastic disbelief 'of course-duh' when reading. One of the big plusses for me was seeing the food!
  •  Matthew Robbins Inspired Weddings : A Martha Stewart professional shows you how to take a simple button or an orange and make an entire party design. This is basically how to create your own party without Pinterest and by getting inspired through every day items. The first feature is on citrus and obviously I was sold.

Currently Purchasing: I did a major evaluation of my closet and my food photography prop needs. Here's what I filled the 'holes' with: J Crew Polka Dot popover  and the J. Crew Skimmer pant in Neon Rose. (PS you can get 30% off and free shipping with the code SPRINGTOIT. Happy shopping.) For food shots, I needed: Williams-Sonoma petit four molds, rectangular spring form tart pan , mini cast iron skillet ...and I'm also waiting for these West Elm enamel measuring tools and some gorgeous linens to come in the mail.

Currently Requested: I had a few people ask to post an update on the Modkat outcome. Let's just say this is the best purchase I've made in a while. Who thought a special litter box would be  life changing pet owner purchase? The cats adapted quickly. I can't get over the good design for scoop storage, opening the container...The only down side is if you have an elderly feline, they might not be willing to jump up and in all the time.

Currently Drinking: Bloomery Plantation's Lemoncello Lemon Ice. We took a trip to the distillery, did a tasting series and loved the people running the facility. As a micro-distillery, they grow at least 25% of their own lemons and source at least 50% locally. They hand zest the lemons to create this product. It has major awards and is excellent with seltzer or prosecco!

Currently Offering: New services! Want to give your bridesmaids a nutrition session? Need someone to shop for and package healthy snacks during a busy week?  Maybe you're looking for nutrition help to improve your complexion. DONE. Check them out here. 

What's your current cocktail?  What should I be reading?