I'm sure you've seen abundant posts sprinkled across your screen regarding New Year's Resolutions, goals and what people want to do differently in 2015. Earlier in December I talked about my 2015 "In and Out" list where I decided what I wanted to bring IN to my life and put OUT of my life. Today is just about taking a look back at the year and how far I've come. It's been an awesome year. Probably my best year yet! Looking back at my recap from 2013 is kind of funny. Each success or goal I've met in 2014 seems so much bigger than the little things I celebrated in 2013...and that's an exciting sign of growth. Because those little things WERE big in 2013.  Just think how 2015 will look! 

Before I dive into piling one year into one blog post, I encourage you to read this article from The B-Bar on goals and looking back at your year. If you've been hesitating on sharing your goals for next year or recapping this past year, it's a must.  

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2014 in a nutshell


411: For those of you not in the health world, the groups I mention below are something like governing bodies to dietitian nutritionists based on interests and geographic location. 

  • Was a speaker and presenter at the Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual meeting. Topic? Social media. Shocker. 
  • I left my board position at VAND (see above) as PR and Media chair and took on a bigger role, becoming Member Services Chair within the board for the state. 
  • Began my term on a national dietetics board (Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group) as their Incoming PR and Marketing Chair. 
  • Gave two more social media presentations on a national level in the form of a webinar for all dietetic board presidents of each state as well as for another national level dietetic practice group.
  • AND THEN: there was my bucket list item: Speaking at the Food and Nutrition Conference Expo in Atlanta where 10,000 dietitians were attending. AHH!

Life in general

  • The husband and I decided we wanted to enjoy Virginia/DC in a new way. Instagram (and when tourists come visit and take pictures) honestly made us realize how lucky we are to live in such a fantastic place. So we went to Charlottesville for my birthday, Skyline Drive for our anniversary, and went to some amazing dinners in strange places. 
  • We bought a new car! My insane, problematic VW Passat went bye bye and we bought Pippa the Prius C. We LOVE HER. 
  • The house restorations continue, slowly but surely. We finally found a historically accurate, perfect fit front door after 2 years of searching (The house is over 100 years old so normal sized doors don't fit!). We also converted it fully to it's original self: a single family home with a glorious central staircase and removed the external staircase to the second story. 
  • I learned how to make bread and croissants. We no longer buy them from a store. GAME CHANGER.

healthfully ever after

Wishing each of you a fantastic 2015!!! 


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