Yearly Reflection: Your In and Out List

As a DC metro area native, every year I waited with great anticipation to see the yearly 'In and Out' list from the Washington Post. I remember being in middle school and waiting to see this list! There's something very gratifying about seeing an entire year bundled up in two columns. While I don't spend too much time paying attention to what's 'in or out' these days (I don't care what you say- I will ALWAYS love navy blue and black together!), I do think the concept of making an in and out list is beneficial. 

What really sparked me doing my own personal in and out list was a book called 'Write It Down Make It Happen' that I just finished reading. They talk about this concept based on a Native American arrow ritual where they would instill the thought of what they want in their lives in an arrow and burn it at sunrise. Then they would take the negative things they want out of their lives and burry it. Or something along those lines. I'm not burning any arrows. But more or less for today's world, I figured even writing a list (and then burning it if your little pyro heart desires) puts the same intention into the new year. 

So I took stock of my life for 2014 and 2015. It was a great year. Fantastic actually! And I'm really excited about 2015. Here's my personal in and out list:


  • Starting video on the blog/You Tube
  • Thinking bigger
  • Writing more books and e-books
  • Host gatherings at home
  • Intentional simplicity
  • More being in nature/gardens
  • Make each blog post bigger and better, even if it means posting less


  • Email addiction

  • Clutter

  • Tedium
  • Small projects that take too much time that someone else can do
  • Frustration with things out of my control
  • Flight anxiety 


What's on your in and out list?

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