Happy Easter Weekend Guys! We are in the midst of an AWESOME home office/sun room renovation and I can't wait to show you the finished product. We went from a really bad butter yellow in practically the only room in the house we didn't paint after moving in, to a beautiful white. We also just installed shades since three of the walls are majority entirely windows. And today? The desk is being built! The chi is so much better in that room right now.

In other news, due to popular demand, I'll be selling THIS bracelet on Healthfully Ever After in a super exclusive limited batch. If you don't get your order in the first batch and we sell out, you can jump on a wait list. I'll put up the ordering page soon! 

Also...YOU CAN BUY MY BOOK ON AMAZON KINDLE! I finally got The Wedding Wellness Workbook formatted for Amazon Kindle and you can read it in several different countries! If you click over you'll see the price is a little less than here and that's because THIS version is drop dead gorgeous and formatted in a very easy to read PDF. The Kindle version is formatted for Kindle and hence, less pretty, less pictures....Now on to this week's videos:


VIDEO ONE: My 5 ridiculously easy and awesome tips to spring clean your life and streamline. We did these in one weekend and thy were game changers. 

VIDEO TWO: Have you heard about miso? Since it's so low calorie, my bet is you'll see it a lot as bikini season rolls around! See the scoop on it. 


have a great easter weekend...happy hunting!


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