Greetings! I am back from the "beach". If you follow me on Instagram, you saw I had a quick 24 hour trip down to Virginia Beach for our annual state nutrition conference. I use the term beach pretty loosely because it's still basically 60 degree air temps right now in Virginia (not beach weather) and I touched about six inches of sand one time during the trip. To put it in perspective, Virginia Beach is about thisclose to North Carolina in the farthest South East corner of the state...four hours away. So I had a bit of a drive. To amuse myself (realistic), I vlogged the trip and I'll put it up next week!

In the mean time, we also found out there is a PREGNANT SKUNK living under our neighbor's house. We know because WE SAW HER drinking out of a puddle in our driveway this morning and the town's animal control refuses to relocate her. So needless to say, the whole block is a little upset with the skunk situation. Riveting. I'll keep you posted.

On to the videos...

VIDEO 1: Join me as I grocery shop at Wegmans! Lots of you wanted to know more about Wegmans which is a gourmet/natural/amazing grocery store. So I figured I'd show you! 

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