March Favorites Video

Another month, another favorites video! Check out my favorite kitchen tools, food, nutrition and beauty stuff for the month. 

  • Meet Craig. A fourth generation farmer and the dude who is responsible for growing all of the chilis that go into Sriracha.

  • We just finished a MAJOR purge of our house. The hardest part? The 'memory' stuff.  Guilt free ways for parting with sentimental shit. 

  • I have an obsession with Scandinavian fashion bloggers. I cannot explain it but I really envy the way they make closet staples look SO FREAKING GOOD. Linda Juhola is one of my favorites.

  • This week I shared my top 5 investments on The B-Bar’s The Well Blog: because spending money on your blog is scary, but here's what's worth it.

  • I don't know what to think about this salt and pepper whipped cream on food 52 but I do know it intrigues me.  

  • This quote is basically what I've been going through the past year in terms of clients/project/business. But on UnFancy, it's for clothes. “The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t.” –unknown 

  • ROCKSBOX: Okay, so have you ever been like "I need to add more jewelry to my life but don't want to add clutter"? You need Rocksbox. This company sends you three pieces of jewelry that you wear as much as you want and return whenever and they send you other pieces. ALL THE JEWELRY without the cost and clutter. So if you want to try it, get ONE MONTH FREE with my code: carlenethomasxoxo

  • Serena Williams does a spoof on Queen Bey's 7/11 video and she's a boss. 

  • Despirately want to see this documentary produced by Lena Dunham about the man who drew Eloise: "It's me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise". Check out the trailer! 

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