Happy Friday guys! I have been NON STOP sitting outside on our patio (with fresh fence and privacy trees thank God). Even when it dipped into the lower 60's this week I put on a coat. Total refusal to come inside if it's sunny. Am I on a vitamin D high? This week's big project has been wrapping up A NEW E-BOOK FOR YOU!!! I have a few more edit run throughs to do and then the husband will design it, but guys...the content is done. And the most exciting part? There's now a FITNESS plan to go along with it! Thanks to my sister who is a CPT and a NBA dancer, we partnered to create the ultimate guide for you to break your winter habits. Girl has a six pack. So meet:

The Healthy Habit Detox Diet Plan: a one week reset of workouts, meal plans and grocery lists for a bikini body and beyond

The e-book will be available soon and I'm so excited to have this available as a plan for those of you who are not in the engagement/marriage world! Stay tuned!

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