Long ago, when I was once a pescatarian living with a guy who swayed towards the more carnivorous variety, we quickly realized that for peace at home the addition of umami flavors and a little bit of smokiness were important in cooking. In fact, to anyone who is trying to eat a more plant based diet while living with someone who isn't, our best advice to you is to figure out ways to add those flavors in. Add soy sauce. Add anchovies. Add tomato, bacon, liquid smoke! Or, buy a smoker. Ta-dah! 

For the husband's birthday we bought a hand held smoker, aptly called "The Smoking Gun". It basically looks like a glue gun with a tube at the end. At the top, you add wood chips, light them and the smoke is piped into the dish where you let it infuse. I've successfully made hickory smoked lentils, sweet potatoes and now....a cocktail. Come on, we knew this was inevitable, didn't we? It's just one of those fun kitchen science things that adds interest without calories. TGIF.

To get the recipe for this cocktail, jump over to Swooned!

Creative Cocktails: Fire and Ice, Smoke Infused 

This morning I shared probably my favorite part of this recipe...this slow motion video set to Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold". There's a song for everything. 

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