TGIF and happy weekend! It's been a pretty fun and relaxing week (and let's keep it real, I'm currently writing this in my bathrobe) but next week things get insane. If I've learned anything being in business it's to be okay with not having much on your schedule for a few days and relax and recharge for the packed days. Easier said than done, but I'm trying.

This weekend I can't wait to go pick up our new front door that we've been searching for...for like two years. Because it's an old house and the idiot we bought it from sold off our original front door and replaced it with a totally historically inappropriate one, we've been on the hunt. BTW fun fact: old doorways are really unusual sizes. So it's not like we could just roll into Home Depot. But we found THE one at a very cool architectural antique store. That's my version of fun but for you....

Weekend fun for YOU today:

  1. My latest clean cocktail for Swooned. I love, love, love lemongrass. Especially with tofu in a Thai salad with lettuce and rice noodles with pickled green papaya if I'm getting real specific. Lemon grass is a fun twist on bright cocktail flavor accents when paired with Thai basil and grapefruit. Mix it up with this recipe!
  2. My mini e-books on surviving the holiday/party/caterer tasting season and beauty booster foods that both include 3 day menus are on sale right now for $5 (regularly $14). Download them now! 
Lemongrass Grapefruit Cocktail

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