It's definitely travel month. Regardless of if I'm headed across state lines or just into DC, I always have snacks. Always. I can't even imagine what I'll do with a kid [wheel a cooler around, that's what]. This month's Recipe Redux challenge was to share a tried and true snack for travel. 

Since it's major produce season, I'm re-sharing a really easy, squeaky clean recipe for fruit leather that I made last summer. It's one ingredient. ONE! Just pears! It's perfect for carrying past airport security and takes up minimal space. Fruit leather is easy to pull off with so many fruits. Next up for me, I'm trying peaches!



For this one ingredient wonder of concentrated fruit flavor and fiber, read the original easy-peasy recipe post here.  Since pears are one of the higher fiber fruits you can eat, this is definitely a filling snack  [make sure to 'pear' it-tee hee- with a little cube of cheese for a balanced snack]. They also have a bit of vitamin C, which we know I love for healthy skin as a beauty food. 

One ingredient wonder snack, ready to go! 

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