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Currently: In Need of Car Suggestions

Weekly UpdateCarlene Thomas

This weekend is just what I needed. Want to know what I did? Nothing. I literally painted my nails in Essie's Sugar Daddy, made popcorn on the stove and watched Orange is the New Black (which I hated at first...and then couldn't stop watching) and What Not To Wear on Netflix.  

The down side of a blog is sometimes people assume that the writer is always doing something fun, is always happy and every nook and cranny of their house is Instagram worthy. But I've told you before and I'll tell you again, it's just not true. Right now I'm balancing a few things: my work is happily full. I'm so excited to have these experiences and opportunities, but I'm realizing maybe I need an intern. My cup runneth over. Or maybe I need to let go of parts of what I do to let others help me. Which scares the bejeezus out of me. Or maybe... I need to stop taking on volunteer projects. Maybe that's the scariest thing of all, because I want organizations to be as good as they can be...but that means getting involved. Which means I get passionate. Which means I spend far too much time on them. 

And yet the real trigger for needing a nothingness weekend was all about Hilda. Hilda is my Volkswagen: A  car I bought during college because it was a responsible, highly safety rated sedan with day time running lights and good gas milage.  So here we are, years later and I hate this car with all my soul. I'm shooting it laser beams angry eyes from my desk. This calculated 'good' choice I made as a 20 something backfired on me and I ended up with the car brand and year range that was embroiled in a national lawsuit for chronic mechanical malfunctions. Did I mention none of these malfunctions are paid for and are up to the owner to fix? Well, all of those problems have graced me with their presence and now the responsible choice is to let go of that car, sell it and purchase a new one. Car purchasing and selling is my second least favorite thing to do in the world so I've been frustrated, stressed out and then just exhausted. 


So sadly, Hilda, it's time for you to go and I am now in the market for car suggestions. I need a small car with great gas milage that is highly reliable with no European parts. Are you obsessed with your car? What do you drive?


Update: Very interesting! I've gotten 2 recs for Mazdas and 1 for Hyundai. Thanks!

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