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We rarely cook meat in this house and we rarely (read: never) deep fry things. What do you think this is... the Texas state fair?! You knew what you were getting into when you came to this blog. But since this is a challenge after all, why not go for discomfort in the kitchen? So I battered and fried and realized what this combo really reminds me of is college. We lived in a downtown apartment at JMU within walking distance of a BBQ place that served my all time favorite: fried pickles. And by the way, when I head down there this spring to talk to a dietetics class, guess where I'm going afterwards? That's right. Smuggling fried pickles back to Northern VA. 

This pairing is a definite 'kid friendly' menu...but not in a boxed mac and cheese way. I took organic chicken and deep fried it with spices like southern sumac and some spicy cayenne. The batter was amazing: wonderfully crisp and not too thick.  The dipping sauce is a home made BBQ with cilantro, cranberries and apples finished with some chopped green onion. But you can't do BBQ without corn bread, so we plated it with cornbread cubes. Last, but the numero uno in the husband's book, celery flavored soda. Yes. He is in love with 'Celray Soda' .

Fried chicken spiced with sumac and cayenne + fruit based BBQ sauce topped with green onions + cornbread + in shell pistachios + celery flavored soda

pistachio pairings: bbq chicken, cornbread, celery soda 

What was your favorite thing to eat in college?

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