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So let's agree right here and now that brunch is by far the best meal. You can do no wrong with brunch. You can eat fish for brunch. Or a pastry. Or alcohol. Brunch is the best. For this second pistachio pairing, I did a semi indulgent brunch... okay indulgent dietitian nutritionist brunch. 

In-shell pistachios+ prosecco and pomegranate juice spritzer + whole wheat chocolate scones + winter fruit salad with pomegranate, grapes, cara cara oranges with basil and mint. 

pistachio pairings: brunch 
pistachio pairings: brunch: winter fruit herb salad 

I said it on Instagram and I'll say it again: this fruit salad is my jam right now. While most brunches offer that boring fruit salad with out of season melon, I really wanted to have the best ingredients. And that means seasonal. The basil and mint really make this a stand out dish!

Adding tart yet sweet pomegranate juice as you de-seed the gems from the fruit makes for an upgraded mimosa! 

pistachio pairings: whole wheat chocolate chip scones

These scones are heaven. The husband makes the best scones and biscuits. He always gets them super light and fluffy! For these he used Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Chips, Greek yogurt and some whole wheat flour. 

pistachio pairings: winter herb and fruit salad 
pistachio pairings: fruit salad 

How do you brunch?

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